An Immersive Experience

One-On-One Speaker Training with Melanie Spring

Go to the beach, come back with a  talk!

When was the last time you had a big idea & made it reality in 2 days? Well, it’s time to make it happen with your next talk.

Picture this: You in a luxury hotel on a Florida beach in the winter with an agenda built around how you work best. You’ll have lots of work time, plenty of you-time, healthy eats, and lots of movement to keep you inspired. Plus, some serious pampering (doesn’t everyone need that right now?) so you can return to your life and work filled with more energy – and a talk that you can give without notes to whoever hires you to speak next. Did I mention that it’s on a warm beach in the winter?

I, Melanie Spring, international keynote speaker & brand storyteller, have created a two-day, three-night one-on-one immersive experience for you to get away from everything – your work, your life, your technology – and bring your next big talk to life. This talk will be written and practiced from your voice and your own way of moving. 

What is an immersive experience? It means that it’s just you & me spending two solid days fully offline working on writing and practicing your talk. All of my attention is on you, your talk, and how you show up in your career and/or business. 

What’s included? It’s ALL-INCLUSIVE: 2 days & 3 nights of hard work & pampering – just the two of us.

  • Two one-hour calls before we meet in person
  • Hotel included: 3 nights in a luxury hotel on the beach enjoying winter in Florida
  • Transportation included: to & from the closest airport
  • All meals included: breakfast, lunch, and dinner 
  • Pampering included: massage, custom workouts, and you-time
  • No phones, no laptops, no outside world – just you, me, and your talk
  • A custom flexible agenda for our time together 
  • All precautions taken to keep both of us safe
  • Two one-hour calls after our time away 

What do I walk away with? You’ll have a fully-written talk that is also practiced for online or in-person events – and the marketing content you need to share it with the world so they can hire you. (Oh, and the confidence to ask for more money to speak.) Plus, you’ll be reenergized, refocused, and ready to take on 2021.

Where is it?
A quiet beach resort customized for you in sunny Florida 

Who is this best for?

  • You are a leader in your field.
  • You are ready to write or finish your signature talk.
  • You want to be well-known by humans outside of your industry.
  • You know who you are & want to take your self-knowledge deeper.
  • You are already speaking to groups of people in person and/or on video.
  • You want to create the personal brand that fits you intrinsically and authentically can leave work and life behind for two days and three nights.


How do I sign up? Grab time with Melanie to talk through the experience, then fill out the application