Speaker Training

More stories, deeper connection

Your humans speak every day, help them do it with more  confidence!

Public speaking is one of our greatest fears AND our most powerful tools. When we use our voices well, we can create change and make an impact. 

All over Corporate America, we see leaders who wing their presentations, yet many are doing their audiences and teams a disservice by doing this. Just because we are experts in our field doesn’t give us the right to throw content out there and hope it sticks.

A great public speaker knows it’s not about them. Their talk is about the audience. It’s for the audience. Their content is meant to make an impact. 

With my SPEAK With Confidence methodology and Crew of Trainers, we bring your humans a custom set of speaking skills to help the most fearful to the most seasoned speakers. All we ask is that you are all open to learning and growing in the process.

How we work with new clients:

  • INTRO CALL: A 25-minute chat to see if we’re a good fit
  • PROPOSAL: For a one-time training for your team and/or for ongoing individual training depending on your goals
  • BRAND REVIEW: This meeting will go over your brand language, core values, presentations, and scripts 
  • TRAINING: Half-day, full-day, or two-day trainings – virtually or in-person
  • ONGOING TRAINING: An ongoing retainer within your budget to train the team together in small groups and one-on-one based on your goals
“I ran a typical 3-day corporate sales meeting for a newly formed team of seasoned sales people and an extended field support team.  Melanie helped me move the team’s mindset from business goals and initiatives to purpose and that fact that we are all human.  The big ideas that came from our 3-days of meeting have clarity and meaning that I would not have otherwise achieved.   Thank you Melanie.”

Dan Kehoe, Senior Director at VMware

Let’s chat & see if we’re a good fit: