I finally wrote the dang book!

Hitting book retailers everywhere January 2024!

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Melanie Spring will tell you that revolution comes from evolution – you can only understand your impact on the world when you understand yourself – and she’s living proof of it.

After twenty years in business brand strategy, she unconventionally stepped into her own greatness as an international keynote speaker and voice-amplifier for kickass humans everywhere. Melanie’s personal brand is Approachable Badass, and anyone who meets her will instantly agree. From her confident style to her unapologetic way of being, she paves her own way, creating a safe space for you to step out into the world and shine your own light.

Melanie is the Chief Visionary of Confidancia, an agency built to help humans discover their brilliance. She and her crew host private retreats for Brilliant Rebels and train teams on communication and leadership all over the world. Melanie lives in Vero Beach, Florida.






A Spirited Guide for Firing Up Your Biggest Life

You know you were born for greatness. So, what are you going to do about it? This spirited guide will get you fired up to activate your life purpose and go after your biggest badass dreams.

Everyone wants to build a life of meaning, purpose, and joy – a life where their brilliance shines in the world and lights the way for others. The problem is, we get so caught up in the “shoulds” of other people’s expectations – all the ways that we try to people-please and forget to listen to our inner knowing. Life starts to feel like it “just happens” to us, without us realizing that we always have the option to get what we truly desire. This irreverent book will guide you through the intentional process of letting go of others’ expectations and living your best life – a life of brilliance that lights the way for others.