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Badasses don't wear beige.
Facilitator & Speaker

When I asked what they thought of me, they said:

Infectious personality & energy  ---  Accessible, easy to understand, fresh & exciting
Positive, honest, and extremely supportive  ---  Energy & kickassedness
Unapologetic about being forward looking & creating a vision
Human-centered  ---  Badass, take charge, get-shit-done warrior
Unmatched in her ability to captivate a room of people
Her innovation, her smile, her tender genuine realness, her style, her.
Down-to-earth  ---  personable, supportive, and inspirational
Has motivational phrases with a bit of grit
Embraces who she is & doesn't apologize
Super transparent & upbeat  ---  A burst of light 
Wicked smart & funny  ---  Has a deep down rich caramel vulnerability
Big heart, open mind, engaging, friendly, funny, and knows her shit
She's a cool chick  --- Bold, tough, smart, and tall
Glowing personality  --- Charismatic, uplifting, generous

Melanie Spring

Your Chief Inspiration Officer. Melanie Spring doesn’t wear a suit to work, nor does she have the corner office with fancy swivel chairs. What she does have is moxie, strength, and gobs of creativity. A quaint townhouse office in the heart of Capitol Hill, and a team of quirky rockstars by her side. She’s not a CEO, she’s a CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer). Her daily agenda? Inspire humans to live life with purpose.

Melanie will be quick to tell you she’s not “the boss” – she’s the Boss Lady. At the helm of her company, Sisarina (a brand strategy agency in Washington, DC), she and her team focus on the humans inside remarkable companies, building these businesses from the inside out. Through workshops, development days, and brand strategy sessions, Melanie creates a roadmap of company culture and brand purpose.



Rocking Your Brand

You’ll rarely find the Chief Inspiration Officer in the office, however. Melanie is always on the road - just across town or in a completely different hemisphere. She once drove 7,000 miles in 3 weeks on the Live Your Brand Tour and her resulting collection of stories was later published in Entrepreneur Magazine. Wherever she goes, she spreads the gospel of living on purpose, discovering new sources of inspiration and meeting amazing humans along the way.

If you want to start living inspired, you can find Melanie (and her zany crew) on her podcast Adventures in Branding, or you can join the Facebook Group, the exclusive online community for kickass humans. Grab your notebook, superhero cape, and buckle your seatbelt – you’re about to dream bigger.

Speaker Intro Bio

Introduce me for your next event with:
Anyone with the title Chief Inspiration Officer on their business card has figured out their own personal brand. When you meet Melanie Spring, you'll know immediately she was put on earth to bring her big energy to getting you outside of your comfort zone and firmly into your purpose.
Melanie is the Boss Lady at Sisarina, a brand strategy agency in Washington DC, and once she drove 7000 miles in 3 weeks to find out why great brands work. She speaks internationally about rocking your life and your business. She's here today to make sure you know just how to rock your (fill in talk title here).
Find out more at 
humans say
"What a kick you are! Thanks for making me look good as Conference Chair and delivering our keynote. You hit the mark and sent our attendees home with lots of good ideas to rock their business. I couldn't have asked for more professional speaker!!"
- Debbie Gilster, AADMM Conference Chair and Partner, At Home FinanceCare, LLC
Do you want a little more Human in your HR conference? Melanie Spring is just the dynamic keynote speaker you’re looking for. Melanie energized our audiences with out-of-the-box ideas for inspiring your team and revolutionary methods of fitting your hiring processes to your brand. She’s a breath of fresh air in a conference world suffocated by boring keynotes. She also rocks a mean “Black Velvet” at karaoke night, but you didn’t hear that from me.
- Michael Pachuta, Credential Check, Michigan SHRM State Conference Director 2014-2016
Melanie's "Rock Your Pitch" session was a hit at the Maryland Nonprofits' 2016 Annual Conference. She's a truly excellent speaker, and judging from the feedback we received, we can't wait to have her back at our next gathering. She's an absolute delight to work with, and we would love to see more of her workshops in the future!
- Suzanne Knizner, Event Logistics Coordinator, Maryland Nonprofits
Melanie was absolutely fantastic. As soon as she walked in the room you knew her presentation was going to be a breath of fresh air. Her personality filled the room as she greeted each guest with a warm and authentic hug. Melanie presented her information in a way that was relatable, entertaining and unique. The AAF-GF attendees were pumped when they left because they had tools they could take back and implement immediately. I highly recommend Melanie if you're ready to absorb fresh and insightful information.
- Laura Wallace, President, AAF-Greater Frederick
"I truly enjoyed working with Melanie Spring. I would very much like to manage another event in which Melanie’s energy, intellect and passion can open more people’s eyes."
- Enterprise Event Planning, Fortune 150 financial institution
"Melanie Spring was the opening keynote for our internal conference and kicked it off with an energizing talk about using data and storytelling to make an impact. Her own impact was so immediate that one of our speakers changed his talk for that afternoon. She also gave a more intensive workshop and we're still seeing the effects today. We hope to have her back again next year."
- AVP Enterprise Data & Analytics, Fortune 150 financial institution
Melanie Spring is one of the most engaging and dynamic speakers Her Corner's Speaker Series has ever had. She brings together the rare combination of content expert, engaging speaker, and approachable individual whom people feel comfortable engaging with to ask questions. She is the best subject matter experts in the field of Branding that I have ever met and a highly skilled and trained public speaker.
- Frederique Irwin, Her Corner
I really enjoyed your talk at the Richmond AMA. I was able to use the brand voice illustration with my team right after the talk. From my perspective, the idea of a spokesperson is powerful. It opens up the creative process in unexpected ways. We often limit our thinking because after all who could afford a spokesperson. Thanks for sharing your brand expertise!
- Joseph Ruiz, Inbound Marketing Consultant
If you want a speaker to make your audience walk out on fire, you need Melanie Spring. She ROCKS her content as she teaches you how to rock yours! DC knows her as a branding genius. You should, too. Melanie is young, hip, cool, quirky, fun, and brilliant – all in one package. Passion pours out of her as she speaks, and audiences eat it up. I have recommended her to speak at several events and her evaluations all say she is the MVP of the day. If you are the meeting planner who hires her, she will make you a star!
- Jan Fox, Fox Talks
I just wanted to write to say say thanks for a great presentation to our members. We had terrific response from everyone I talked to. You delivered a great program with solid content, lots of attendee engagement, plenty of fun and discussion, and many, many take-away gems for everyone. My members loved it! Please make sure you use me as a reference for future clients.
- Mark Levin, Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute
Melanie Spring is an awesome speaker – the things she was saying were the same things I'd been thinking right along but couldn't articulate. It's like she was in my head! Melanie calls herself the "Approachable Badass" and that's true: she'll definitely bark but won't bite... unless you deliberately piss her off. Then she'll straight up punch you in the face.
- Kris Kaplan, K2 Coaching
Melanie's novel approach to synthesizing sales and marketing efforts and her emphasis on branding really resonated with our audience. I and the attendees all learned a lot from her teachings. The Rock Your Sales webinar was one of the most popular ones we've had to boot.
- Brian Pesin, Contactually
Melanie's impressive background with Sisarina, and the presentation she did at the American Marketing Association National Conference, made her the perfect speaker to be at the largest marketing conference in Scandinavia, Dialog Konferansen!
- Arild Horsberg, Bring Dialog
Melanie Spring is a dynamic and high energy speaker. Her style is beyond engaging… it’s inspirational. Her ability to motivate her audience to take action is absolutely unmatched! She provides simple and actionable takeaways that are applicable to attendees at all professional levels. Audiences love her fresh and upbeat delivery style. Typically we don’t bring speakers back in consecutive years at Kalamazoo SHRM, but she was so highly requested by our group that we have had her back several times! If you are looking for speaker who will rock your event and take it to the next level, she is definitely your girl!
- Shawn Premer, Chief Human Resources Officer at Consumers Credit Union
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