It’s not just the Melanie show

Melanie Spring Productions creates & hosts unforgettable in-person brand experiences for you and your team to tell your story. We create safe spaces for you to show up as yourself & walk away with everything you need to use your voice.

SPEAK With Confidence is our 6-week online course + 4-night 3-day in-person retreat to help you craft & deliver your talk – your way.

Rock Your Pitch is our 2-day live training with 4 weeks of pre-work to help you show up & show off in your presentations and at work.

Bring us to your summit, conference, or office for custom speaking & leadership workshops built for your team on your time.

As one workshop attendee said, “EVERY SINGLE DETAIL was thought of. The thoughtful details throughout the week made me know that I could trust the process.”

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Melanie Spring is a brand storyteller, international keynote speaker, and speaker trainer with a drive to make sure you become unforgettable.

Melanie is one of those people who can walk into a room and light it up. She’ll make you want to be her best friend, yet when she gets to know enough of your story, she’ll find the perfect way to push you outside of your box.

Her personal brand is Approachable Badass and when you meet her, you’ll know why it fits her so well. She even got out of her own box when she went on a 7,000-mile road trip collecting stories on how companies lived their brand. The Live Your Brand Tour was published in Entrepreneur Magazine, where she earned her title as a veteran brand strategist.

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Michelle Arnold is a world-class speaker booking manager, speaker consultant, and Sparkle Maker with more than 20 years of helping speakers take their amazing messages to more and more stages. Michelle is empathetic and honest, she’s a dreamer and a logistics queen, with unparalleled knowledge and experience in the speaking industry.

Michelle sees herself as a magical and practical door-opener – she helps her speakers spark and build lasting relationships so they can maximize their impact (and income), and share their stories with as many people as possible. Michelle is the person who sees your dreams with you and helps you make them come true.

Head of Humans,
Ashley Carlson

When you need someone who gets shit done, you just have to say “ASHLEY!”

Ashley Carlson is one of those empathetic, hardworking, people-pleasing, life-celebrating, optimistic humans who has a knack for making sure the rest of the humans are included AND happy. She’s proven she can go with the flow – including when she got hired right after a pandemic shuts the world down.

With a long background in human resources (yep, she’s even PHR Certified!), we knew she was the perfect Head of Humans for our Crew. She is the one we go to when you need a great gift for a loved one, a new software system figured out, and an ear to listen to your troubles. 

When she’s not inside a course updating the latest content, she’s golfing, hanging out on or near the water, or hanging with her girlfriends at happy hour. Currently, she’s actively looking for a puppy.

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Public relations Rockstar,
sandy sponaugle

As a SPEAK With Confidence lifer, Sandy loves our retreats so much that she’s bringing her 20+ years of P.R. and marketing expertise to support new Rockstars AND our Rock Your Pitch corporate trainings from the Crew side.

Sandy is the CEO and Founder of Platinum PR, a public relations and marketing firm that has invigorated the identities of small businesses, associations, and educational institutions across the United States. She is passionate about helping individuals and businesses get the clarity, roadmap, and courage to step out and be seen.

When she’s not supporting others as a coach or marketing consultant, you’ll find her trying out local kombucha, having adventures with her daughter, or exploring everything her city of Frederick, Maryland has to offer.

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Sanece Marie Poolas

The magic is in the details – and Sanece is the magician.

Sanece Marie Poolas is the founder of Mistral Event Management. Managing a mountain of logistics into a series of fortunate events for our Rockstars at Rock Your Pitch corporate trainings and SPEAK With Confidence retreats, Sanece thrives on making humans happy. As Melanie once said, Sanece is the chillest events human EVER! And it’s true. She has a level of chill that has to be seen to be believed.

Part-time shark diver, full-time lover of kindness and Skittles, you can find Sanece snuggling with her dog, Roberto Duran, and her partner in New Jersey – two of her favorite beings, also with whom she’ll never share dessert.

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Maggie is a hard-working Girl Boss who is intentional, headstrong, and highly determined to develop and empower leaders and speakers.

She hails from the Midwest – land of deep dish pizza and road rage – where she gained experience writing, teaching, coaching, and leading, both in educational and religious spheres. Maggie loves challenging people to step into who they are called to be, and pushes them into places where they thrive.

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Jessa Woodward is a fierce, daring leader who has jumped on Bréne Brown’s bandwagon calling for braver leaders and courageous cultures. She has over 20 years of experience working in public health education, nonprofits, and private industry.

Jessa is known for her compassionate people-focused approach and is dedicated to serving, modeling and empowering those around her to step outside comfort zones to grow and live into their highest version of themselves. She leads with love, lives hard and on purpose.

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MARY GARDELLA – Brand Photographer

Mary helps humans become #Unstoppable through powerful, brand building imagery. Her photography extends far beyond the lens and somehow manages a glimpse into the soul of each of her subjects – because that’s how she sees you. Mary takes that uncanny soul-vision of you and lets the world see you for who you really are – at your most beautiful AND powerful.


PATRICK FRANK – Video Producer

Patrick is a visual brand storytelling genius artist whose medium is video. Along with his impressive portfolio of clients, he has created each compelling, completely unique, gorgeous video for our SPEAK with Confidence Rockstar speakers. Patrick’s magic melds visual glory with an ability to help you present yourself and tell your story with poise – as if you spend all day, every day talking to a camera. He’s been told he makes videos that make people cry (in a good way.)



Momma J is the one you come to when you need two cents (or two dollars, if you’re lucky) of advice and a hug (or, to be honest, an occasional kick in the pants) to get you where you want to go.

Julie is a no-nonsense, bootstrap-pulling hero who helps you tap into your own unique superpowers and show up. Her magic is in helping you see your own blocks to success and blow them out of the way. (She’s also an entrepreneur herself!)


DAN RUSSELL – Neuromarketing Expert

Dan combines old-school marketing principles with new-school, ethical neuromarketing tactics to help our Rockstar speakers and Luminary leaders stand out from the crowd by taking their messages and building them into unforgettable talks and marketing strategies. Dan self-describes as Don Draper’s nerdy younger brother, except without the womanizing and false identities and other undesirable traits. He probably doesn’t even take naps at work – though, don’t be surprised if you find scotch on his sideboard.


Are you a Kickass Human?

We believe you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with (thanks, Jim Rohn) and we are in this club to inspire each other to kick ass in our work and in our lives. We even have tshirts!