"The shortest distance
between a human being and truth
is a story."

- Anthony DeMello

12 brave humans signed up to craft
and share their stories on stage
in front of a live audience and video crew.


On June 15, 2017, 4pm-7pm at Miracle Theatre,
YOU get to hear them share their lives.


Grab a spot in our audience.

Eventbrite - Rock Your Talk - Impactful Speaking


What is Rock Your Talk?



Rock Your Talk: Impactful Speaking

Rock Your Talk is a live speaking event at The Miracle Theatre in Washington, DC on June 15, 2017. 12 speakers, 12 very different messages, you in the audience, live video crew, and ...

Rock Your Talk is the brainchild of Patrick Frank of Patchbay Media & Melanie Spring of Sisarina. They've teamed up to give humans a way to share their message. On a big stage. In a beautiful theater. With fantastic acoustics and fancy lights. And a responsive audience.

These speakers are giving the talks of their lives - sharing themselves with you and the world. Melanie is helping them write their talks, Patrick is filming them. We want you in the audience.




Our roster is full. 
Check back shortly for the list.

Melanie was absolutely fantastic. As soon as she walked in the room you knew her presentation was going to be a breath of fresh air. Her personality filled the room as she greeted each guest with a warm and authentic hug. Melanie presented her information in a way that was relatable, entertaining and unique.
- Laura Wallace, President, AAF-Greater Frederick
Melanie's impressive background with Sisarina, and the presentation she did at the American Marketing Association National Conference made her the perfect speaker to be at the largest marketing conference in Scandinavia, Dialog Konferansen!
- Arild Horsberg, Bring Dialog
What a kick you are, Melanie! Thanks for making me look good as Conference Chair and delivering our keynote. You hit the mark and sent our attendees home with lots of good ideas to rock their business. I couldn't have asked for more professional speaker!!"
- Debbie Gilster, AADMM Conference Chair
Melanie Spring is an awesome speaker – the things she was saying were the same things I'd been thinking right along but couldn't articulate. It's like she was in my head! Melanie calls herself the "Approachable Badass" and that's true: she'll definitely bark but won't bite... unless you deliberately piss her off. Then she'll straight up punch you in the face.
- Kris Kaplan, K2
I’ve been speaking for eight years, but could never seem to get good promotional videos from the sessions. Once I engaged Patrick, everything changed. His team has done several videos for me, and I’m very pleased with the results. He is a skilled editor, and has a fine eye for interesting and artistic camera angles.
- Mike Schmidtmann, National Speakers Association



EVENT: June 15, 2017 at The Miracle Theatre

Join the Audience

Rock Your Talk is about impactful speaking.
12 brave speakers need you in their audience.

June 15, 2017

Miracle Theatre - 535 8th St SE DC

Happy hour & networking to follow sponsored by Fosterly


Speakers: FULL 
If you missed this one, fear not - we'll be hosting Rock Your Talk again in October 2017.  
Join us in the audience this time & we'll give you plenty of notice before we open the speaker slots.