Your 2021 Mid-Year Check-in


Stay accountable – together, we’ll  rock!

You did the 2021 Manifest Your Life workshop with me, Melanie Spring – and you filled out the workbook with plans for what you were going to do. You committed to a next step and are working on it. (If you didn’t, grab the workbook & visualization and do it now)

But what happens when you get off track – or you’re not sure of what to do next? Well, that just means YOU’RE HUMAN! 

We need each other to keep growing and moving forward. Humans are meant for connection. So, that’s why we’re doing a mid-year check-in LIVE! With two dates available.


  • review of the goals you set
  • review of your commitment
  • check-in about your accountability
  • sharing of our wins
  • committing to our next steps

You’ll get to be with us live doing the work with other like-minded people – and we’ll have plenty of time for live Q&A. I won’t even be doing a presentation – I’m here to guide you through the process and keep you going.

Only two dates available:
Friday, July 9 at 4pm ET
Sunday, July 11 at 12pm ET

These workshops will be LIVE and there will NOT be a replay, so make sure you’re there on time for the whole hour.

The best part: It’s only $20 – just like the first one.

Let’s hold each other accountable!