Manifest Your Life

HOW TO: Get What You Want

No matter what happens next

When 2020 started, none of us could have predicted the shit-uation ahead. We all had great resolutions, goals, or intentions. We had optimism and plans to make it the best year ever. Then, everything changed – because the world started on fire.

Regardless of how 2020 was for you, you have a choice to make – let life happen to you or manifest the life you want. 


Praise for Manifest Your Life talk: 
“Melanie Spring brought a huge dose of energy and positivity to our virtual event. Her engaging and interactive workshop grabbed your attention from the beginning to the very end. During her workshop, she did something very few virtual events are able to accomplish–she brought the audience together and created a community of support and good will. If all virtual events could be like this! – Kim Landgraf, SIA Women in Security Forum Liaison

The Manifest Your Life workshop includes:

  • One-hour live workshop
  • Printable & fillable workbook
  • A brief talk by Melanie Spring
  • A deep visualization
  • Community to hold you accountable

This workshop is for anyone who needs a little boost of confidence, some accountability, and a bit of time to focus on YOU. Because you deserve it.

No resolutions. No ifs, ands, or buts. No excuses for not getting what you want in 2021.


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