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Writing workbooks is one of my favorite hobbies.
Simplifying deep concepts is one of my gifts.
Giving away free resources is my happy place.
Here are all of my free courses & workbooks:



How To Write A Stage-Worthy Talk In Under 45 Minutes
Watch & learn how to write a talk that will keep people off their phones.
INCLUDED: Video with full training + The DISH Method workbook & 50% discount off SPEAK With Confidence Online
Go to ispeakwithconfidence.com/training


WRITE YOUR LIFE VISION: My Life Vision Workbook
If we know where we’re going, we’ll know when we’ve arrived.
INCLUDED: Full workbook to download & print | Download it now. Go to melaniespring.com/lifevision


PUBLIC SPEAKING: How To Be A Rockstar Speaker
From concepting a talk to writing, memorizing, and practicing, I give you the steps to rocking the stage.
INCLUDED: 10 training videos | Start watching. Go to the YouTube Playlist


BRANDING COURSE: Bite-Sized Branding
Your brand is what everyone else is saying about you. Let’s get them saying the right things!
INCLUDED: 5 episodes | 1 workbook | 30 minutes | All you have to do is sign up. Go to bitesizedbranding.com


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