Corporate Play

Help your team speak for you!

Your team + your language

When your team know how to pitch you, your company finds better clients.

When your team knows how to present at conferences, you get more sales.

When your team knows how to ask for what they want, you grow better leaders.

When your team can rock a video call, you build your business brand.

Your team, your members, and your attendees – let’s get them all speaking up, speaking out, and using their voice to help you grow your revenue.

What could happen?

We believe that teams are made of humans who have forgotten how to play.

This means that we don’t believe in making humans sit in corporate training rooms with PowerPoint presentations and laser-pointers.

Our goal is to make sure your team is laughing, making up stories, and playing with each other while learning how to be better leaders and speakers.

Check out these 3 topics & fill out the form below if you are ready to set up a training that will keep them buzzing & growing for years to come.


Rock your pitch

The Energy of SELLING

You have to pitch for money for your business or project. You have to tell your boss you deserve a raise. You have to explain why your project is going to be successful. In order to get to X (numbers), you’ve got to explain Y (why). 

This workshop speaks to the humans who believe numbers tell the story AND to the humans who believe stories tell the numbers.

We can customize this workshop to help you pitch for your Series B round, help your sales team crush their sales numbers, or make sure your team can pitch your clients on the next big initiative.

Are you ready to make some money without “selling”?

Rock your team

The Energy of LEADERSHIP

Your team sucks because you don’t know how to lead them. 

Oh – did I catch your attention? Good.

The real reason you’re reading this is because you know that you and your team need to be better leaders – and it’s time to help you show up for one another in a big way.

Hiring good people is getting harder and harder. Keeping them happy is the key. So, how can you be sure you keep the good ones and push out the negative energy? You PLAY!

This training gets to the heart of showing up for each other, for yourself, and for the company with all its goals and plans. It’s about reminding you that you’re human and can’t work 100 hours a week without a meltdown. It’s about reminding your five-year-old self that work was supposed to be fun. 

It’s time to be a better leader. Are you ready?

    Rock your talk

    The Energy of SPEAKING

    You have to speak – whether it’s at a board meeting, a team meeting, or an industry conference. You’ve probably spoken with a script and slides someone else wrote. Or even that you wrote yourself but only ran through once or twice. Or you’ve done the same speech for 20 years. 

    Whether you’ve never given a talk or it’s become old hat, updated speaking skills are necessary to get you and your team where you want to go.

    Our first goal is to make sure you speak like you. Our second goal is to remind you that it’s fun to share your knowledge with others. 

    It’s time to tap into the energy of speaking & rock your next talk!


    Alex Downey, Sales L&D at Intuit“Melanie & Nate energized our sales teams in their Rock Your Pitch workshops.  They incorporated storytelling and personal branding with takeaways that continue to come up in coaching conversations and team meetings.  The eye-opening moments and high-energy engagement made this learning experience a blast!”

    – Alex Downey, Sales Learning & Development at Intuit



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