Time to build a team of brand ambassadors?

Is it time to build a team of brand ambassadors? You & I will want to know EXACTLY what your brand stands for so we can inspire your best clients, customers, and members to show up at your door.

  • If you’re a DIYer, hit up
  • If you are in need of some serious clarity, let's rock a Define Your Brand workshop. (scroll down to find out more)
  • If you want to update your hiring process, your marketing plan, or your customer service scripts, let's rock a customized team workshop. (more below)
  • If you’re merging brands, updating your current one, or creating a subbrand, send me a note.
I’m the gal who will make sure your boss is impressed with you.
I’m the facilitator who got your team on the same brand page.
I break “because we’ve always done it that way” language.
I’ll make sure you have a brand AND a plan to make it a reality.

When you bring me in, we will always start with the Define Your Brand Workshop and a brand strategy meeting, then we figure out if we're a good match AND I'll put together a list of next steps. Once we set a budget and a timeline for getting it done, I become a part of your company for 3, 6, or 12 months. From understanding why you’re different to implementing the elements, you’ve got my undivided attention to rock your brand.




A full-day strategic* workshop

The Define Your Brand Workshop has given corporations & non-profits the ability to build brand ambassadorship by getting them back to the basics of why they do what they do.

Five Guys was able to set memorable core values in place to remind their team AND their customers that everything they do is REAL.

Mathematical Association of America (MAA) clarified their brand persona as Neil deGrasse Tyson & that "All is math" (one of their new core values.)

Meridian Enterprises confirmed that they were the end-to-end creative engine that energized brand communities making their customer the hero.


  1. 3-hour workshop: With a cross-section of your whole team, we go through your purpose statement, your core values, your elevator pitch, and brand persona to find out who you really are and what you stand for.
  2. 3-hour strategy meeting: With your leadership team, we go through everything we learned in the workshop & talk through what this means moving forward. We even get to finalize all of the statements and see how they fit the strategic plan.
  3. List of next steps: Once we're done, I'll send you a list of my recommended next steps. You can take these and implement them or bring me in to do more workshops to keep things moving in the direction of brand ambassadorship.

Want to know what your team believes your brand stands for? Let's get a day scheduled to get your team on the same brand page.

*laughter included


Even salespeople stay off their phones

BRAND With Confidence

Build Brand Ambassadorship

Whenever a team hears the word "brand", they look at marketing. Marketing typically looks back at the team. That's where we hit a wall. Branding is about building a club full of brand ambassadors - and the first set of ambassadors are the team members. If the team isn't on the same page with the brand, no club is built.

This workshop helps you put together the marketing plan your organization needs to build a fast-growing brand. We take the Define Your Brand workshop results and compared them to your internal processes, your marketing platform, and your brand dictionary to start building the club that will attract the best possible clients, customers, and members.

WHO LOVES THIS WORKSHOP: CMO's, marketing departments & leadership teams

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FREE COURSE: Bite-Sized Branding

HIRE With Confidence

Find the best humans & keep them

"Hire slow, fire fast." "Get the right people in the right seats on your bus." Everyone has great advice but finding great people is NOT easy. And the newest generation is changing how we do everything. But most hiring managers are using the same processes they used in 1963 and wishing for different results. 

This workshop will make you want to throw away your entire hiring process and start over. From writing outstanding job ads and getting people to click on your headlines to creating interview questions that dig deep and finding out who the new recruit really is, we'll find the best humans AND making sure you keep them.

WHO LOVES THIS WORKSHOP: HR professionals, Human Resources departments, leadership teams

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ONLINE COURSE: HIRE With Confidence (coming soon!)

PITCH With Confidence

Tell your story with data

You have to pitch for money for your project. You have to tell your boss you deserve a raise. You have to explain why your project is going to be successful. You have numbers to support your reasons for getting what you want and you understand that numbers matter. But it's up to you to convince them - using data AND story - that you truly deserve this thing you want. In order to get to X (numbers), you've got to explain Y (why).

This workshop speaks to the humans who believe numbers tell the story AND to the humans who believe stories tell the numbers. Looking at both sides to ensure everyone gets the information they need, you'll be able to craft a presentation from the story the numbers tell in a succinct, simple, and manageable way. You'll walk away with things you can change immediately in your current presentation or just what you needed to create the one that's in your head. 


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SPEAK With Confidence

It's Time to Rock Your Talk

Getting on stage - in front of a board room or at a big conference - can be intimidating. Most people won't even try for fear they'll choke. Even those of us who get up there all the time get jitters. Preparation, practice, memorization, and technique will help get you sure of yourself no matter what size stage you take on.

This workshop will help you craft AND deliver the talk that's inside of you already - and give you the confidence to make it beautiful. Whether you want to get better at presenting to your team or speaking at your annual summit, this will help you find your own voice and share your IP (intellectual property) in your own branded way.

WHO LOVES THIS WORKSHOP: leadership teams, managers, salespeople, ...everyone


LIVE With Confidence

You have an inner badass

When you walk into a room, do you make it brighter or darker? Many of us live beautiful lives, yet are miserable. But the opposite is also quite true. Those who live in the most miserable conditions tend to be the most beautiful human beings. It's time to take a deep look at ourselves and see the purpose we were given to live out in this lifetime.

In this workshop, you'll inspire your team to find their purpose, make sure it fits the job they're doing, and realize their full potential. They'll get some "life coaching" and help each other through whatever comes up - which ends up being the best possible team-building exercise. Let's go deep and get clear about who we are and what we really want out of life. Once everyone knows their purpose, your organization can't help but thrive.

WHO LOVES THIS WORKSHOP: your next corporate summit, your next all-hands meeting, your own team, humans in general

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ONLINE COURSE: LIVE With Confidence (coming soon!)

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