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You have the message, I have the method. It's time to

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The shortest distance between a human being and truth is a


- Anthony DeMello


SPEAK With Confidence


Rock Your Talk has become SPEAK With Confidence - and we've put it online.

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is replacing Rock Your Talk.

Have you ever wondered:
  • why it feels so good to help someone else by sharing your story?
  • if you were meant to make a bigger impact than you’re already making?
  • If your big idea could become reality if you got clear on how to share it?

What if I told you there was a talk inside of you - clawing its way out?
And what if I told you the stories from your life could help you write it?
Well, there is. And they can. It’s time to let it out.

I crafted this course with you in mind. I was thinking about you the whole time. You are unlike anyone else and your stories are just as incredible as you are. So, I didn’t create a formula, I crafted a method to the madness of sharing your story. As unique as you.

You have the message, I have the method.

It’s up to you to SPEAK With Confidence.

SPEAK With Confidence is a 6-week guided online course designed to walk you through crafting and delivering your talk your way.
  • Share highlights from your career for a raise or a promotion.
  • Pitch that project you’ve been working on easily to your Board.
  • Give a workshop about a topic you know but haven’t shared in public yet.
  • Tell potential employees what its really like to work for your company.
  • Stand on a big stage and give the talk of your dreams.
  • (whatever amazing fill-in-the-blank thing you do for work)
80% of this course is about crafting & branding the best talk for YOU.
20% is how to remember your talk and use your whole self to give it.

This is NOT a formula. This is a method. YOU have the stories and the big ideas.
I walk WITH you as you craft & deliver your best talk.

  • A beautifully designed 6-week course with videos AND a workbook at every step.
  • Submission points where you send me your ideas, content, and videos for personalized feedback.
  • A talk that’s written like you would say it and a way to deliver it on whatever size stage you want to stand on.
  • A method to write all of your future talks.
  • A community of humans with skills and knowledge to tap into.
  • Daily and weekly prompts to get you thinking outside your box.
  • Access to me throughout the whole course for all of your questions.
  • Lifetime access to the course videos and the workbook.
When you’re done, you walk away with everything you need to SPEAK With Confidence.

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4 Steps To Ask For Anything You Want

With Confidence

This free mini-course will give you four simple ingredients for asking for anything you want at work - from your boss & your team to your clients & prospects.
Do you have to ask:
  • your boss for a raise?
  • your team to support your new initiative?
  • your leadership to give your department the budget it deserves?
  • your clients to give you the sale?
  • an audience to pay attention to what you’re sharing?
The DISH Method will make sure you get the response you want.
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