Hi! I'm so glad you showed up. That's really the first step to rockin' your life. 

In this workbook, you'll find the flow and questions a bit familiar. They're the same ones from my Rock Your Life talk - but give you more time to get your answers down. Less blabbering from me, more head space to let your brain ooze.

Take your time. Download and print the workbook, grab a cup of coffee (or your poison of choice), and see where the questions lead you. Answer them in any order you want. Skip one and come back to it. No rules. No boxes. No limits.

The only thing I ask is that you promise me you'll do the work.
If so, I promise you'll be rockin' life in no time.

Download the Rock Your Life Workbook:

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Melanie Spring
Your Approachable Badass

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