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Rock Your Talk became a thing because my corporate colleagues, entrepreneur friends, and non-profit buddies kept asking me how I got out on the speaking circuit. My top 3 recommendations were to write a killer talk, learn how to rock a stage, and get a speaking demo to show it off. Their next question: How?

"this experience has grown my confidence exponentially." - Beth wenger

So, Patrick and I got together to give you all of it. Patrick Frank of Patchbay Media is a stellar videographer with a crew and I'm Melanie Spring - a brand strategist and professional speaker who helps businesses and humans craft their stories. We hosted our first event June 15, 2017, and it was so spectacular, we were begged to do it again. 

Want to be on our stage? If you sign up, you'll get
  • An audience to test out a new talk
  • More clarity on your methodology
  • A professional demo video
  • A place to rock the stage 

ARE ready to rock your talk?

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ROCK YOUR TALK: Impactful Speaking

October 26, 2017 - 5-8pm

Rock Your Talk is a live speaking event at The Miracle Theatre in Washington, DC on October 26, 2017 where you get to show off your newly crafted presentation in front of a live audience with lights, sound, and video. 

Patrick Frank of Patchbay Media & Melanie Spring of Branded Confidence have teamed up to give speakers a way to share their message. On a big stage. In a beautiful theater. With fantastic acoustics and fancy lights. And a responsive audience.

If you're ready to get out there on the speaking circuit or you just want some great practice, you'll love this! We want to help you create your best talk AND give you masterful videography to showcase your empowered stage presence. Without breaking your bank account.

Want to be an audience member? Sign up for $5 at the bottom of the page (before 9/14)

Happy hour to follow at The Ugly Mug, DC next door!
Professional photography during event by Mary Gardella

"Want to live fully? EMBRACE this experience to be a better version of yourself. Melanie will make sure you tell your story and


- Heidi webb



Melanie Spring of Branded Confidence is a professional speaker and brand strategist.

During the weeks leading up to the event, you'll work with Melanie to write a 15- to 45-minute talk. You'll do this so you can use the longer keynote later. While doing this, you'll also be writing your 5- to 8-minute talk for the Rock Your Talk audience and demo video. You'll work together in a way that helps you stay true to your own brand and share your story in your own words. From the content & your body language to using the whole stage, she'll make sure you know what you're talking about when you rock your talk.

On the day of the event, we'll get together as a group of speakers and do group coaching. You'll also give a trial run of your talk on the theater stage.

We promise you'll walk away with all the confidence you need to rock your talk to audiences worldwide.

Find out more about her at


Patrick Frank of Patchbay Media is a professional videographer & storyteller.

On the day of the event, he and his crew will record you during the final rehearsal AND the live event. From numerous angles, they will get all up in your business with their cameras to get your best sides AND show reactions from a real live studio audience along with real testimonials.

After the event, he'll craft one 5- to 8-minute video for you to use on use on your website and with conference organizers. It will include a moving cover slide and a call-to-action. He can also add on two other marketing videos from the final cut.

Find out more about what he does at


  • A branded & well-crafted talk that tells your story
  • Professional speaker training & the ability to use a stage well
  • Immediate feedback from a real audience
  • Documented delivery of your talk
  • And within 60 days of the event, you'll get your fully developed video
    • with options for other marketing videos for social media

But it's up to you to...


What people say about melanie + Patrick

Grab a Speaker Spot

Rock Your Talk has spots for 12 speakers - next event to be announced.
Payment options available. (Click Contact in top corner of screen to request.)

Sign up to get:

  • Up to 5 one-hour speaking sessions with Melanie to craft & practice your talk
  • Rock Your Talk full-day workshop in-person (outsiders welcome!)
  • Day-of practice on stage in front of your fellow speakers with final tweaks
  • Custom designed background behind your talk for video & photo 
  • 5 unlicensed professional photos of you in action
  • Full demo video fully produced with your branding & provided graphics/content
  • A live audience and audience shots throughout your video

Our Guarantee

Melanie will make you sound professional.
Patrick will make you look professional.
It’s up to YOU to rock your talk!

OR Be a Part of the Audience

Grab a spot in the audience for only $10.
(100% of audience payments go to sponsor one incredibly worthy speaker.)
50% off - only $5! - if you sign up before Sept 14, 2017.
The Miracle Theatre 5-8pm on October 26, 2017

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