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July 19, 2017

“You know how in your life you have two special people?

Yeah, my sister is like number one.” - Natalie Poitevien

Sisters go one of two ways - they’re either SUPER close or not at all. There’s not usually a middle ground. Generations of my family’s sisters have shown me that, including my own. When my previous trainer, Natalie, said she was going to bring her sister on HERadventures, I was SO excited to hear about the closeness of the two of them. And it’s WAY more close than I expected.




Natalie and Shaneya didn’t choose their bond, but they definitely chose (and choose daily) to embrace it. Even if their significant others end up in second place. These two have each other forever.  

Mary & I chatted with Natalie and Shaneya in Washington, DC about their unconventional family tree, growing up in Brooklyn, and their hopes for the future. Natalie is a fitness coach and Shaneya is a senior stylist. This episode of HERadventures includes many laughs and a reminder that real sisters host “ugly face” competitions (yep, we have pictures).





Natalie & Shaneya’s Reading Choices:

Natalie Recommends: “The Great Work of Your Life” by Stephen Cope

Shaneya Recommends: “The Sookie Stackhouse Novels” by Charlaine Harris



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Natalie Poitevien is a personal trainer and fitness coach.

In her words: Natalie is silly, friendly, ambitious, spontaneous, and trustworthy.

Instagram: @prettydarnugly

Shaneya Rivera is a senior stylist.

In her words: Shaneya is hilarious, kind, brutally honest, determined, and an introvert.

Instagram: @shaneyaneyaneya

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