Be careful asking for adventure. You may just get it.

January 31, 2018

"It’s not where you start in life - it’s how you finish.

- Heidi Webb

Have you ever watched someone completely change their life in front of your very eyes? Meet Heidi Webb - non-profit fundraising consultant who has raised millions of dollars and taught hundreds of people how to raise even more.

Heidi is one of those ride-or-die friends who has shown that just because you've lived a certain life doesn't mean you have to keep living it. She is the brand NEW owner of Heidi Webb LLC, a nonprofit fundraising consultancy that focuses on supporting charities helping humans while also connecting donors to causes that they care about. She’s also a veteran Rock Your Talk Speaker (now SPEAK With Confidence - launching soon) who shared her story on stage about how a fight with a raccoon led her to refocus her life and finally accept that just working hard wasn’t the answer - she needed to follow her passion. 

Travel made me see the world in a different light.

Watch Heidi give her one quick tip on how to start your fundraising journey: ​

Listen to get the whole conversation here:

TEASER: As this episode is released, Heidi is in Kenya living the dream she shared with her friend. 


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In her words: Heidi is a difference-maker, engaging, a hiker, compassionate, knowledgeable about all things nonprofit, resilient and has a big heart.

Facebook: Adventures in Fundraising

LinkedIn: Heidi Webb



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