High energy, high engagement - that’s what you get with each one of my talks and workshops. Whether it’s a 45-minute keynote or a full-day workshop, your audience will be fully engaged from start to finish. When people leave my workshops, they take their next step, find their own voice, and rock their brand - personally and professionally.
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Who is Melanie Spring?
I’m Melanie Spring and my personal brand is Approachable Badass.
The girl who became your best friend within the first 5 minutes of meeting you.
The smile you responded to with your own inner glow.
The badass who tipped you off the edge of the cliff you were scared of jumping off.
The big personality who entered a room in a big way while making sure you’re comfortable.
The tough chick who cares more about how you show up than you do.
The adventurer who does epic shit on the regular.
The brand strategist who boldly pushes past your boundaries.
The facilitator who pulls out her inner 2nd grade teacher if things get off track.
The get-shit-done warrior who makes sure you walk away with what you need.
The woman who knows her superpowers and uses them for good.

Our paths to purpose are never linear. Starting with a degree in the thing I loved most in college, Organizational Communications, mine has been a windy one that only looks like it makes sense now that I look back from this vantage point. I stepped into sales, marketing and HR roles learning the in’s and out’s of Corporate America and entrepreneurship. I worked my tail off for other people for years so I could watch the failures and successes and apply them to my own entrepreneurial journey. And I found I’m a pretty terrible employee - headstrong, hardworking, and doing it my own way. “Because we’ve always done it this way” frustrated me more than most.

When the market turned in 2009, I started Sisarina. As a marketing agency creating business brands, websites, and marketing, I built a quirky crew that worked with remarkable companies to build their brands from the inside out. We hosted 100 events in our first 5 years, facilitated workshops, and built the Define Your Brand workshop from scratch. We made sure a brand could stand on its own in its marketing, branding, and website.

By 2017, I took my own advice and made a flying leap into the one part of my business that made my heart sing - teaching humans and businesses to rock their purpose. It’s my job to push you further in your branding so you can find what it is that makes your own heart sing - and talk about it in a way that other people will be able to relay that same message.

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